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Download NCERT PDF Books for Free

Download NCERT PDF Books

Dear Visitor, before you proceed to download the books from the website, please read this draft and respective pointers very carefully.

Copyright of NCERT Textbooks and terms of use

Please note that the NCERT textbooks are copyrighted.

  1. While copies of these textbooks may be downloaded and used as textbooks or for reference, republication is strictly prohibited.
  2.  No agency or individual may make electronic or print copies of these books and redistribute them in any form whatsoever.
  3. Use of these online books as a part of digital content packages or software is also strictly prohibited.
  4. No website or online service is permitted to host these online textbooks.

Links may, however, be provided with written permission from the NCERT.

For general inquiry, you may visit the online portal for the NCERT using the following link:

  1. Click here to reach to NCERT’s official website

There might be multiple purposes of yours to visit the website, be it your official work, notifications in terms of Job openings or be it the project and latest notice for the schools to follow in the latest academic year.

Navigation on the website

The website is divided into four major sections as follow:

  1. Header section: The header section consists of the important tabs like Home, about us, organisation, constituents and Department, programmes, Gallery, Publications, Announcements, Contact us.
  2. The Left Sider Bar: The left sidebar is again divided into major blocks of text lines and images with information related to the contact options on a brown color format.
  3. The Middle section: It is the notification liner which would be embedded with the hyperlinks which would take you to the desired notification in details and there on you will be redirected to another page.
  4. The Right Side Bar: Out of the total information scrolling this notice board and informative sidebar would give you some of the very latest notifications and announcements.

Before you could find out 10 other pages we have made it easy for you to click on the tab and reach to the desired page to select and download or read the ncert book you are looking for:

2. Click here to land on the direct page to select NCERT book you are looking for:

If you follow the link you will be redirected to the two options to choose from:

  • One would land you to the pdf NCERT books from class 1 to 11th standard.
  • e-textbooks from other states and UTs

To reach out to the Normal Standard NCERT please click here:




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